EG Energy

Advance on your path to energy independence

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BiFacial Solar PV Systems

Maximize energy yield with our bifacial solar PV systems

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Smart Energy Management System

Decrease reliability on expensive utility-provided electricity

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Receive financial credit by directing excess energy to the grid

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LED Lights

Reduce payback periods, maintenance costs and operating expenses

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EG Energy was born from a simple idea: to help our clients participate in profitable green energy generation with our unprecedented energy management services.



Our globally recognized innovations have the capabilities required to generate a truly awe-inspiring solar project experience.

Bifacial Systems

Our Bifacial Solar PV System will maximize energy production on both rooftop and ground mounted systems.

EG Ground Screws

Our special screws which are implemented at a truly impressive speed are perfectly suited to any business and will allow for wider profit margins.

Energy Storage Solution

Our Smart ESS* Solution is an energy storage and management solution, which is composed of eco-friendly lithium polymer batteries, PCS and self-developed EMS*.


EG Energy provides civil, structural and electrical engineering services. Our diverse backgrounds and industry expertise qualify us to create optimal service design, installations and operations that are uniquely personalized to clients’ needs while balancing quality, budget and time.


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See how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

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