Born to Innovate, Raised to Collaborate

EG Energy was born from a simple idea: to help our clients participate in profitable green energy generation and energy saving with our unprecedented energy management services. Over the years, our company has become one of the leading firms in the industry, with a focus on energy management that has shaped the industry from our company outward. Our innovations have come from a team of specialists with the comprehension, capability, and determination required to generate a truly awe-inspiring energy management experience. Our team understands that each project is defined by unique characteristics and tailors the most optimal solution for you. Product design has to be sustainable, practical, compliant, and cost-effective – we only deliver products and services that offer our clients these characteristics, alongside a competitive edge that begets longevity.


Dedicated and Goal-Driven

EG Energy takes pride in having the brightest talent in the industry. We have an outcome-oriented team who are constantly striving to deliver an exceptional service for our clients and our partners on each unique deployment. That includes constantly assessing procedures, enhancing techniques and fashioning new products that add time-saving advantages and create more value on every bid and on every job.

EG Energy Management is an energy solutions company with a rich heritage of pioneering in the best energy technologies in Canada. Our solutions are unrivaled in terms of long-term reliability, efficiency and high performance, and our company is unmatched in terms of global reach and scale. Through design, engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring, EG provides its energy management technology of world-record efficiency to residential, commercial, and utility customers.

Our Methodology

Our team understands that each project is defined by unique characteristics and therefore we take every outcome into consideration when deciding on the most optimal solution for each client. EG Energy engineers consider the installation functionality, product integrity, cost efficiency, environmental impact, and entire product lifecycle when analyzing which approach will best suit each of our clients. By merging unmatched familiarity and all-inclusive proficiencies across a wide range of engineering fields with all-encompassing research and development practices, EG Energy has consistently delivered the most technologically advanced energy solutions in the industry – on time, and tailored to each client’s needs.


Our Culture

EG Energy’s client-focused business strategy builds upon our aptitude in advancing our technology in engineering, manufacturing, and construction in order to relentlessly revolutionize and develop relevant energy solutions to help our clients perform at the highest level.
Implementing our forward-thinking industry expertise has made EG Energy’s products industry-renowned, and has actually changed the way the energy industry deploys Energy Systems and foundations. In addition, EG Energy has extensive relationships with other worldwide industry-leading energy companies for continuous insight into the latest trends that are shaping the energy industry to ensure that we always stay ahead. EG Energy has over 10 years of experience in the energy management industry and 15 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering business, so our clients can remain confident that our culture has been built on hard work, experience, and the foresight to remain competitive in one of the fastest moving industries in the world.

Our Group Members

EG was incorporated and founded with a selected group of construction practitioners.
Our commitment to understanding our customers’ specialized needs projects are not only well designed and constructed, but are functional and cost effective as well. With very competitive pricing in design, building permit application, and construction; we believe in reliable construction timing. We also believe in good follow up services post construction.
We provide a diverse design and construction service for our customers. We have extensive experience in the industry with a large network of vendors and contacts all over the region. This allows us to cater to a wide range of design and construction needs.

Our Group Members

  • EG Engineering Inc. – Offering the building services engineering, interior design, architectural plans and construction of projects
  • EG Construction Inc. – Promising to deliver institutional, commercial, retail, and industrial facilities
  • EG Energy Management Inc. – Focusing on energy conservation and renewable energy
  • EG Communication Inc. – Monitoring your IT assets and contributing to the smooth operation and success of your business
  • RYU Electric Inc. – Offering complete electrical services in installing, repairing and upgrading electrical systems
  • Meet the Team

    Neil Zhang, M. Eng. – President & CEO
    In 2011, Neil Zhang joined China WindPower Group (Concord New Energy Group) as Chief Representative in North America. He set up CWP Canada Inc. and CWP USA Inc. to develop renewable energy projects in North America. In 2011 and 2012 he set up joint venture entities Half Moon Ventures LLC and EG Solar Power Inc. [EG Energy Management Inc.] to acquire, develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects in USA and Canada. Under his management, 35 MW of solar projects were acquired, 25 MW of solar projects were developed, and 30 MW of wind projects were developed in USA. In Canada, over 15 MW of solar projects were built, as well as 40 MW and 200 MW of solar and wind projects respectively were secured.

    Neil is responsible for corporate strategy, operations, and joint venture structure. He provides supervision, management, and assessment services in strategy and operations. Neil also performs business analysis activities, including stakeholder analysis, business need definition, and analysis of requirement management.

    Jeff Ryu, P. Eng., M.E. – COO
    Jeff Ryu is co-founder of EG Solar Power Inc. (EG Energy Management Inc.). As a Professional Engineer and Master Electrician, he is responsible for all aspects of operations. He is also in charge of EPC services in the company. Under his management and supervision, EG has successfully provided Solar Project EPC and construction services to Powerstream, Toronto Hydro, City of Toronto, Toronto District School Board, Peel District School Board, Ranka Group, Mann Engineering, Sky Solar, and many more with a capacity of over 15MW.Jeff Ryu has more than 20 years of electrical work experience. He designs and reviews solar and electrical structures while optimizing system performance with the appropriate construction and commissioning methods. He also has exceptional knowledge and skill in energy conservation, as well as in off grid systems. With his expertise, EG Energy Management is currently developing energy conservation and off grid solar systems in Haiti and Sri Lanka.