Design & Engineering

System Design
Our advanced surveying techniques qualify us to provide you with the optimal structure and layout solution which is completely customizable based on your needs.

EG Energy’s team provides civil engineering, Structural engineering, and electrical engineering services. This enables them to create service design and operations that are uniquely personalized to clients’ needs while balancing quality, budget and time. The combination of innovative design engineering and an analytical attitude allows us to use the most advanced approaches in the industry.


Procurement – PV Panels, Inverters, and Mounting Systems

  • EG Energy works with customers to create a world-class procurement process and gain maximum potential.
  • EG Energy’s clients benefit from outstanding procurement management methods that can allow them to realize instant cost-savings.

Project Management

  • EG Energy develops practical project management methods that consistently deliver positive effects by utilizing our team’s diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise through our outstanding precision in diagnostics, scheming techniques, and an extensive in-house toolset which includes proficiency in plan engineering, resource control, and performance-based volume administration.
  • While our methods differ subject to our customer’s needs, our general structure begins with deliberate inquiries to help us tailor parameters that affect production cost, quality, flexibility, service levels, and control.


We have an in-house team of mechanical installation professionals, certified electricians, and civil professionals who are not only masters of their craft, but have vigorous training and lots of experience on Solar PV Systems. Our clients can remain confident that our staff are experts in all of the nuanced aspects of the engineering process, with a depth of knowledge and experience that allows us to customize our plans based on your concerns and ideas. If there is a way for us to implement what you want in the way you want it, rest assured our engineering staff will be able to find it.

Ground Screws

Our special ground screws can be integrated into a variety of terrains. This special screw integration process enables us to move on from older, slower techniques, and provide you with a higher quality experience. We are confident that the end result of our screw integration process is perfectly suited to any business, and that it will allow for wider profit margins to be implemented at a truly impressive speed.


Guaranteed Operation & On-going Maintenance

Our staff will provide round-the-clock responsiveness and will guide you throughout every step of the installation process. We take every project as an opportunity to develop a strategic relationship with our clients.