Start Generating Your Own OFF-GRID Energy!

EG Energy Management offers a significantly more economical alternative to your existing, and growing, electricity costs.
Our gas-powered cogeneration systems provide a flexible combination of heat and power (CHP) from a single source. Using proven technology, our systems provide up to 40% reductions in primary energy usage, and feature reduced emissions and low lifecycle costs.
Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling, which can then, for example, provide air conditioning to your facility throughout the entire year.

Our CHP Projects Can Deliver

By using lower cost natural gas to displace electricity, CHP supplements your facility’s existing conventional system and provides substantial operating cost savings.
CHP provides an opportunity to diversify your energy portfolio in a manner that allows you to mitigate your exposure to rising electricity costs and sustain business operations during power outages.
Clean, Environmentally Friendly Energy
Generating electricity onsite for use in your facility—along with waste-heat recovery for heating and/or cooling—translates into lower energy consumption and reduced impact on the environment.
The quality of power generated at your site is cleaner and more consistent than from utility lines. Neighboring industrial users can have spikes and low-voltage situations which can damage your electrical equipment.
Higher Efficiency
Utility companies can lose up to 25% of their energy during the electrical delivery process. Onsite generation eliminates these loses and have proven energy efficiency exceeding 90%.