Energy Storage System

At EG Energy we aim to provide you with comprehensive deployment solutions for your ESS in order to minimize outsourcing. We offer integration service to combine battery, PCS, and EMS. Our goal is to maximize system efficiency while minimizing exterior control so you can sit back and watch your energy savings figures rise.


The ESS has the capability and capacity to store surplus energy generated from a photovoltaic solar system for use at a later time. If there is a blackout or if you simply want to avoid spending at peak-hours and save Global Adjustment cost, you can use the energy stored in your ESS to meet your energy needs at no extra cost. Essentially, an ESS supports you to pursue the goal of energy self-consumption, energy-independence, and ultimately saving electricity cost.

Core Competencies of Our ESS Deployment

ESS installation by experienced in-house electricians
ESS Commissioning and Testing
Factory Acceptance Testing
Site Acceptance Testing
Internal Commissioning
Robust Operation & Maintenance
24hr On-Call Service