Bifacial PV Systems

At EG Energy, we always aim to maximize our energy efficiency when we are designing Solar PV Systems. Our Bifacial Solar PV System will maximize energy production on both rooftop and ground mounted systems by generating additional energy from the back face of the modules. We achieve that target by using a combination of hardware and software that is specifically designed to maximize energy generation from our industry leading Bifacial Solar PV Systems.



The solar panels we provide use highly efficient cells to reach up to 400 W of performance during optimal conditions. Traditional single-sided models can only absorb light on the front side to convert to electricity. Our modules, however, have double-sided active cells with a translucent foil, therefore maximizing energy yield. The rear side of the bifacial panels we supply can generate extra energy using the diffused and reflected light, by which the balance of system (BOS) can be reduced and hence further increasing your energy savings and net-profit. The rear side of conventional solar modules do not generate extra energy.


Racking System

We can extract additional potential out of the bifacial modules through combination with a unique racking system that is distinguished from traditional systems. The system is specifically designed and optimized for bifacial PV projects enabling maximum energy gains from the panels. The racking system achieves that with an improved frame design that is built to allow more rays of sunlight onto the back face. The sleek design features no rail under the solar cells, ensuring that no light is blocked. In addition, the system is fully adjustable: all rail channels can avoid all vertical or horizontal obstacles.

Additionally, a reflective surface placed under the panel or a cool roofing solution can further boost bifacial energy yield.